About Me

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marcy regalado
creator. thinker. explorer.

During my Master's of Science in Product Design with Design Impact, at Stanford University, I explored and delved into design thinking, design strategy, and design research to find new approaches in creating next generation AI and ML applications, and better understanding and improving human-computer interaction by applying human factors principles and user experience.

Majoring in Engineering Psychology (Human Factors) [HFE] at Tufts, it gave me my first experience into merging my love for technology, understanding how things work (as a die hard tinkerer), and bettering people's lives. When I wasn't studying, you could find me running around the rugby field, repping students on the Tufts Community Senate at a Latino Community Representative and various working groups, teaching about entrepreneurship, or strutting on the runway for Tufts LUX China Care. Enlightened by the interdisciplinary approach by combining applied psychology, mechanical engineering, and computer science, finding to better an experience, app, website, or generating ideas become as automatic as blinking, when interacting with other students, peers, and professors.

Finding opportunity in diving deeper both academically and professionally enabled me to apply my knowledge base to an honors thesis, a capstone, entrepreneurial ventures, and internships. During my time as an intern at the Verizon Innovation Center for Verizon Wireless in Waltham and Fidelity Investments, I dabbled in both research and interface design and wire framing, seeing first hand how user experience research and design were applied into industry.

Soon after my graduation (2015) and before starting my design work with Fidelity, I co-taught "Innovation in Action" for St. Paul's School Summer program. This course focused on social entrepreneurship, design thinking, testing, and development. As an alum of the program, it was a fortuitous opportunity to give back by sharing my Human Factors, interface design, and entrepreneurial knowledge to the new generation of creators and tinkerers.

Next, I was a UX Designer and Architect for Fidelity for our Personal Investment mobile apps, wearables, and IoT software and devices (Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Siri). I've had the utmost pleasure of working with some of the most innovative, passionate, and skilled designers, researchers, and developers in the financial industry. My creative approach––regardless sketching or digitally composing my idea–– is to find alignments between hardware, software, habits, and innovation for mobile. I complete several iterations with many sketches, wires, and rapid prototyping while collaborating with various designers to find the one design that speaks to the overall design language and encapsulates a newfound approach.

Staying active, I've had many leadership and organizing opportunities collaborating with Tufts alums, Tufts students, and technologists from around the world. Currently, I serve on the Board of the Tufts Experimental College, the Alumni Council, the Latino Alumni Association, and #MobileTea. In 2016, I had the pleasure of being the Lead Sponsor and mentor to an amazing group of five students on their final year-long capstone project in combined efforts with Fidelity and Tufts HFE.