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what is navi?

navi, an iOS application, is your personal, pocket concierge giving you suggestions based on your environment, preferences, and mood. It's one of my favorite ideas I've worked on in a side project. It was a self-driven and established year-long capstone project, with advising for UX Research from Prof. David Aurelio. As well as a start up idea and venture competing in the Tufts 100K and entrepreneurial mentorship and guidance from Chris Zanettos, and Igne Milde.


exploration + evolution

navi was designed to be a personalized to a user's interests, experiences, and their friends interests and shared experiences. Our engine was structured to give you suggestions based on your time, day of the week, current weather, age, spending limit, location, and past events.

navi curated a set list of events to attend or activities to do within the familiar. As to create new experiences to enjoy as a party of one, with friends, or potential significant others.

During our year, we completed user experience testing, various rounds of iteration, and creating an interactive prototype. With the release of iOS 7 in the fall of 2013, flat design had finally found it's place across all major platforms (Android, Windows, and now iOS). This presented new design challenges that had not been explored and understood by a wide audience of mobile users.

navi design evolution

navi design evolution


final design

This final designed concept was based on the recommendations from user experience testing outcomes. We want to move even further to simplifying the layout of the app to be more user friendly and have an easier on-boarding process to keep many of the day, time, age, current location running in the background in the initial release.

navi was created as an action oriented application. The moment you open the app, you are asked to enter bits of information to have a curated list of suggestions. We focused all of our efforts at the time for iOS and began exploring options for Android.


navi in the wild

Tabling info session at the Tufts 100K


tufts 100k venture competition

In the spring of 2015, we we're lucky enough to be selected as 1 of 5 finalists for the classical track. The competition's participants range from all students, professors, staff, and alumni of Tufts colleges and universities.

Once selected, we were paired with Chris Zannetos as our mentor, whom has expertise in entrepreneurship, security software, and software focused start ups. Chris was pivotal to grooming us in fine tuning our presentation, understand our product, finalizing our business plan, and acting as a catalyst in helping us meet and greet with other women in the tech startup space and expert machine learning engineers in Boston.

We had the pleasure of meeting and presenting to various VCs from Boston, NYC, and San Fransisco interested in the future of navi. We continue to believe in the spirit of navi, and has been an idea that's application could be so useful to improving how we explore and experience the world around us.


future exploration

Next steps were to explore how to create a more action oriented landing within the app. Similar to apps like Netflix and Snapchat Discover, where a user is automatically given a pre-curated list based on their interests, history, and interests of their friends who are similar to them.

Cheers to the future of planning less so you can enjoy more what the world has awaiting for you!



McCall Bliss

Co-Founder, CTO

Chris Zannetos

Tufts 100K Mentor

Inge Milde

Director, Tufts Gordon Institute

David Aurelio

Professor, Tufts Human Factors Engineering

Finally, a massive shout out to our family, friends, and fans who helped us along the way. And cheers to our other competitors in the Tufts 100K.

Maybe we'll see you in a future iteration? 😉