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applied machine learning enhancing local communities in person

UX Design + Branding
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How might we redesign to further it’s mission of ‘bringing people together locally’ through user insights from stakeholders interviews, data, and team research? Our main focus looked at enhancing the mobile experience and increase community engagement, retention, and accessibility.

Design Process

Project Journey

Applying the design thinking process in tandem with architecting a potential ML solution we explored various avenues of interviewing current users, group hosts, and data extraction from within a two week period for our d.ML course at the Our team consisted of a user experience designer, a machine learning researcher and developer, and two business students from Stanford’s GSB.

Our ideation statement enabled generative ideas while ensuring were solving specific pain points from our various user interviews: How might we destigmatize the experience of showing up alone for new users that reduces anxiety, awkwardness, vulnerability?

By augmenting the design thinking methodology, our solution explored new areas of opportunity in curating unique, smaller groups within larger groups of Meetup. Through our hypotheses, we sought to increase consistency, decrease churn, and increased sense of community within the platform.

Massive thanks to my fellow team mates: Angelica Willis, Zoe Weinberg, Barr Yaron, and the teaching team of d.ML Winter 2019 🚀

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