Fidelity 3.0

Reimagining financial understanding

UX Designer + Architect
2015 - 2017
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Our challenge was to create a refined and easier to understand mobile experience across Android and iOS. These reimagined experience needed to feel at home with flagship devices and modernized operating systems.

Design Process


The biggest feature unveiling is our Feed. Composed of up to time metrics of the US indices, account balances, positions, latest news, and events.

Android + iOS

Focusing on highlighting actionable data, clean navigation, and superfluous design, we added modernity and comprehensive functionality for improving financial knowledge and streamlining execution. We highlighted aspects of each operating system’s design paradigm, while harnessing our own for bridging both app platforms.

Android and iOS App Experiences


Damon Jones, Creative Director

Jonathan Kardos, UX Mobile Director

❤️ to the Mobile Team at Personal Investment at Fidelity

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